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All Gone

All Gone 2022 - Vick (Cover By Verdy)

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ALL GONE, The Finest of street culture 2022

"2022 was supposed to be the year that was better. For everyone.

After living through 2020-2021 under severe restrictions, we hoped to learn from the unprecedented challenges we all had faced to move forward differently. The most optimistic among us imagined a peaceful future with restored values. Everything, we thought, could start again from scratch.

Sadly, the hope of an exceptional year was quickly dashed by harsh, successive doses of reality: “war, crisis, inflation, recession.” These words ruled our discussions, our minds, and our hearts. To say that the post-pandemic world was getting better felt dishonest. Like the two years preceding it, 2022 was ultimately a challenging season for many.

However, I have always believed in the resilience of our culture and its industries. Without diminishing the difficulties that everyone may have encountered, I remain convinced that our culture has managed to thrive in spite of everything, and continue to innovate, renew itself, and remain original, bringing a strong sense of hope and a persevering desire to advance.

Seasons come and go, crises are renewed, and hope is reborn. These cycles, as they are experienced, become easier to recognize. Since street culture’s inception nothing has ever been easy. And yet it has always drawn on an energy that pushes back against limitations, unafraid & often against the current, confident in its strengths and insatiable desire to conquer. The demise of street culture was already prophesied when it was merely a niche, before ever being discovered by the masses. Today, in the midst of unprecedented popularity, those same naysayers are calling, seizing on the spectre of a new global crisis to count it out again.

It’s not untrue that street culture has experienced its own challenges. Maybe its growth has been too brutal, too quick. But while the world struggles through one of the darkest moments of the 21st century, street culture remains vibrant and inspiring. Adversity has always been a fuel rather than an impediment, and crisis, instead of crippling it, has only amplified its ambition & creativity tenfold. The culture continues to disrupt codes and infuse the world with new ideas.

I have been taking care to decode and understand street culture for 17 years. The selection and curation of All Gone has adapted to its new status and to the role it now plays as THE reference culture. Building All Gone means documenting the best the culture has to offer every year. However, the task has become arduous as of late, with projects following one after another at a frantic pace, making it impossible to appreciate their true value. With this in mind, 2022 must be seen as a necessary step towards a future slowdown where quality must prevail over quantity.

All Gone is the witness of our culture's quest for accomplishment and the path it has taken. We are watching the realization of a work of art that was initiated more than three decades ago, when it was only in its embryonic stage. The sketch is already majestic. Step by step, with time and application, we are on our way to the completion of this Masterpiece.

We are nearly there, and it’s almost dry."

Michael Dupouy,

Cover Artwork By Verdy

Hard cover, 192 pages.
Edition of 2000 copies worldwide
Published by La MJC